Precast Concrete Properties

Fully Automated Precast Concrete Wall Production Process

C Panel will use the customer’s architectural design to design a precast concrete wall. It also analyzes the engineering structure and design construction using state-of-the-art engineering software in Real 3D, which allows the company’s designers to see the product in a virtual form. Automatic connectors and joints according to the customer’s conditions in the Real 3D system, resulting in the correct position from the design. After receiving approval from the customer (Developer), the company will begin production with a retrospective management plan. based on the customer’s installation goals as a criterion Customers are confident that they will receive products from the company on time. The process of producing precast concrete walls with the Fully Automatic system of the Company is as follows:

CPanel concrete Process 1

Step 1
Cleaning and oiling (Cleaning & Oiling) around the casting table (Pallet) Precast concrete layout so that no old plaque remains stuck.

CPanel concrete Process 2

Step 2
Drawing a layout for the device and the embedded edge (Plotting), such as doors and windows according to the specified pattern. In order to know where to leave gaps in concrete castings

CPanel concrete Process 3

Step 3
Placing the steel to block the sides (Shuttering) according to the model with the same standard robot as the car assembly factory. Let the concrete maintain its shape according to the customer’s specifications. with a deviation of only +- 2 mm. makes assembly easy and beautiful

CPanel concrete Process 4

Step 4
Putting the reinforcement (Reinforcement) by the machine will lift the reinforcing steel frame that has been woven according to the design that has already been defined by the computer. To be installed on the casting table (Pallet) and the staff will check the correctness of the model before pouring concrete. which in the process of weaving the rebar There will be a Fully Automatic system to weld the steel according to the desired pattern by weaving the steel to be woven according to the actual weight. This allows customers to be confident in the quality of the company’s precast concrete walls. and in the process of placing this reinforcing steel The company will lay water pipes and conduits according to the designs approved by the customers. This will reduce the construction process and achieve a more tidy home quality.

CPanel concrete Process 5

Step 5
Pouring the ready-mixed concrete (Casting) on the casting table (Pallet) according to the shape of the workpiece that has been defined by a computer system

CPanel concrete Process 6

Step 6
Compacting the concrete by vibrating the casting table (pallet) with the appropriate frequency. This will make the concrete stronger. As the gaps or air bubbles between the concrete are reduced, the machine will then smooth the concrete and sand it. Make the surface of the concrete beautiful. Easy to paint or apply Wallpaper

Step 7
Curing to improve compressive strength and for a beautiful surface No plastic shrinkage. The curing chamber can accommodate up to 108 concrete walls waiting to be cured per cycle.

Step 8
Stripping by removing sidewalls. To bring the dry and hardened concrete wall to use in the next work.

CPanel concrete Process 9

Step 9
Removing the workpiece (Demoulding) from the casting table (Pallet) to be stored at the warehouse next. The workpiece will be controlled by a computer system. The pieces that will be delivered together will be transported to the same rack. This ensures that the customer can be assured that the product will be delivered that is most suitable for the customer’s construction schedule.

CPanel concrete Process 10

Step 10
Moving the workpiece (Product Removal) by using the machine out of the factory. Produced to be stored in the warehouse

Production Process Video