Precast Concrete Wall Panel

(Automate Precast)

We are the manufacturer and the supplier of precast concrete wall panel under “CPanel” trademark with annual capacity of 720,000 square meters. Our precast concrete wall panels are manufactured with high quality materials and our production methods are fully automated by the German worldwide-recognized company, Vollert Anlagenbau Gmbh, under close supervision of our professional staff.

With the above-mentioned fully automated system, we can guarantee that our precast concrete wall has high quality, low deviation and high durability with shorter lead time. They can be manufactured up to the size of 50 square meters (4 meters x 12.5 meters). The shape can be adapted to suit the needs of the customer. The spacing for doors and windows and the shape of the precast wall can be manufactured to fit with our customers

Confident with Fully Automatic standards

What is better than precast concrete panels?

  • Strong and durable due to the use of steel-concrete structure
  • Smooth, beautiful, meets your needs
  • Insulates heat and lasts longer
  • Reduce construction costs
  • The construction was completed quickly

CPanel Adjustable thickness of precast concrete walls up to 4 sizes: 10 cm., 12 cm., 15  and 17 cm

Various types of precast concrete CPanel

Current CPanel Create precast concrete in various forms. In order to answer the following construction questions

CPanel Wall

Precast concrete wall

CPanel Floor

Precast concrete slabs

CPanel has a truck to deliver precast concrete walls to customers in all areas of the country