Officers IT

Gender Male

Education Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, IT or other related fields

Experience 2+ years

1. Support User: Troubleshoot and maintain computer systems and peripherals. All within the company
2. Take care of the database and ERP system , Website , internet
3. Take care of the corporate E-mail system, Firewall,Network,DR site
4. Take care of the Backup,Cloud system. Computing of the organization

Civil Engineer

Gender Male

Education Bachelor’s degree (Civil Engineer)

Experience 3+ years

1. Prepare the plan for using the machine, the plan for the use of personnel for the employer
2. Prepare the Shop Drawing,Layout Concrete and other civil works for approval for construction and other assignments

Draft Officer

Gender Male

Educational qualification High Vocational – Bachelor’s degree in related fields

Experience 2+ years

1. Performs detailed drawings. and technical model about machine equipment or for mining, construction work, reinforced concrete work and assembly work such as electrical work, water supply, map drawing, level diagram and cross-section drawing, ground mapping and other tasks as assigned.

1. Understand BIM
2. Can use Autodesk AEC Suite at medium-high level
3. Yes Knowledge of construction system and MEP
4. Understanding of construction monitoring system and construction plan
5. Able to use Naviswork

If interested, you can inquire or apply for a job with the company. You can do it yourself
or send your CV with proof of application to  

Contact department HR
087-773-4426 Khun Paphatsorn